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Your biggest marketing tool is your frontline staff.  

Maximise your advantage by coaching them.

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Published: December 2023

Effective coaching is all about conversations. These can happen in all sorts of places – a quick phone call, jumping into a meeting room or perhaps a short Teams or Zoom meeting. Coaching conversations might also be about a wide variety of topics, sharing insight about conversational tone with customers or a product knowledge titbit.

Innovative coaching solution First Line Coach are delighted to announce their new software release incorporating machine learning to rapidly elevate agent performance by supercharging Team Leaders to be better coaches in three key areas:

Preparation: Comprehensive support material to help prepare for any coaching conversation with a front-line CX or sales agent. Good conversations start with good preparation.

Capture: A structure for each coaching session from 15 minutes to an hour – Gather the outcomes on your phone, on your laptop or take the notes on paper. Paper notes can be photographed with your phone and instantly uploaded, structured and included in all reports.

Reporting: Help your senior managers know who is coaching whom about what. Let them see how well things are going and give them the tools to direct first line managers where to coach.

Managing Director, Cormac Murphy said: "Over the last 5 years First Line Coach has been working to support front line managers to be better coaches in the world they actually live in and to help them address the issues that matter to them and their team. First Line Coach is the most advanced and proven system to bring cost effective coaching to the front-line. With case studies showing NPS improvements of 25 points with only 2 hours of structured coaching per staff member per month we stand by our approach and can’t wait to bring this to Northern Ireland's contact centre industry."

Read more below and contact us for more information and a free trial.

Call: 02870 517516


Membership is open to any contact centre, shared service centre or IT helpdesk based in Northern Ireland. Membership also available to associates and suppliers to the contact centre industry.

For more details view our membership page.

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