With categories across a variety of individual and team functions, it's time to be recognised for your excellent staff, initiatives and contact centre!

Entries are open to any contact centre, shared service centre and IT/customer service helpdesk based in Northern Ireland with a minimum of 5 staff. Organisations can enter as many categories as they like – and make up to 3 nominations per category.

New Deadline for entries is 5pm – 15 August 2022.

Entry is free to CCNNI Corporate Members. Non-members will pay £350+VAT per site for unlimited entry.

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Celebrating Excellence
across Northern Ireland
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Celebrating Excellence
across Northern Ireland
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Individual Categories

Hero of
the Year

This award will recognise someone who has gone over and above their day to day role to support their colleagues and customers during 2021/22. The category is open to colleagues working within the contact centre (at home or on site). 

Rising Star

This category is for colleagues working in any contact centre function within the organisation. The Rising Star Award honours a colleague who has shown an outstanding performance within the last twelve months and who is considered to be a potential future leader or key employee within the business.


Apprentice / Newcomer of the Year

This category will recognise apprentices or new members of staff who have been employed in a non-managerial role for a minimum of six months and who show outstanding occupational progress and a positive approach to employment combined with excellent personal qualities. The judges will be looking for evidence of exceptional vocational competence, achieving great results, making a difference within a short period of time, plus excellent interpersonal skills.

Support Person
of the Year

This category is for non-managers working in any contact centre support function within the organisation eg. HR, IT/Analysts, Facilities, Comms, Marketing, Workforce Management, etc. The judges will be looking for evidence of enthusiasm, drive and determination and competence in providing exceptional levels of support to the contact centre and their colleagues.


of the Year

This category is for individuals working at advisor grade in a sales or service capacity who has demonstrated exceptional levels of service and vocational competence. The winner will be someone who goes above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities to provide excellent support to their colleagues, demonstrate consistently high performance as an adviser or sales agent, provide strong results and make a real difference to their organisation. 

Team Leader of the Year

The Team Leader of the Year is a professional and inspirational person who leads by example, takes responsibility for the team and ensures that their colleagues’ experience of work is a positive one. Entrants must demonstrate strong leadership, be results oriented, with a commitment to staff development, and have evidence of guiding their team to consistently high performance. 

of the Year

This category is seeking a professional trainer or coach who applies innovative learning strategies to deliver both corporate objectives and individual needs. Entrants must demonstrate an enthusiasm for staff development and provide evidence of how their training/coaching solutions have improved staff skills/performance and resulted in successful outcomes for the business.

Support Manager
of the Year

Open to individuals who have been managing a support team or support function based in a contact centre (eg: Finance, Marketing, HR, IT, Analytics, etc). The winner ensures consistently high performance of the support team or contact centre and combines a commitment to the delivery of objectives with an efficient and effective service. The winner will also have implemented strategies that have impacted positively on the team or centre. 

Contact Centre Manager of the Year

Open to individuals who manage a contact centre or customer service managers within a contact centre. This category rewards exceptional management skills and vocational competence. The winner ensures consistently high performance of the centre, communicates the organisation's vision and combines the successful delivery of objectives with an efficient and effective service. The winner will have successfully implemented innovative strategies that impact positively on the centre and have a commitment to the continuous improvement of the centre, staff and self.

Senior Manager of the Year

Open to senior contact centre personnel including site directors who have been managing a contact centre site or other contact centre managers. This category seeks to reward exceptional leadership and management skills. The winner ensures consistently high performance of the contact centre/site, delivers the company’s vision and objectives with an efficient and effective service, has successfully implemented innovative strategies that positively impact the organisation and displays a commitment to the continuous improvement of centre and its staff. 

All individual entries must be nominated by a manager.
For details on how to enter, click below.
Company Categories

Best Agile Working Programme

This new award recognises the activity undertaken by an organisation to enable their colleagues’ agile working while at home, hybrid, on site. Entries should explain:

  • The objectives behind the strategy and how this was planned, implemented and monitored

  • The support of individuals and teams in delivering a remote service

  • Evidence of utilising new communication channels and the steps taken to ensure the ongoing support to clients and customers.

  • Entries should also include details of the challenges and the benefits experienced in creating an agile workforce.

Business Transformation Strategy

This award recognises how an organisation has created a transformation strategy for their people, systems or processes. The category can include digital transformation, workforce planning or any other improvement initiative. Evidence will be required of: 

  • The objectives behind the strategy 

  • How the strategy was planned, implemented, communicated and monitored

  • The impact on customers, staff and operational/business performance 

  • Overall results and how this fits into the long-term strategy of the business.

People Development 

This award will recognise companies that successfully address ongoing development needs for individuals, departments and whole organisations to see that business needs are met. The judges will be looking for examples of how people development affects the company ethos and how talent management is embedded in the company culture.

Support Team of the Year

This award will recognise the outstanding support delivered by a team or department supporting the contact centre. The entry needs to outline the support process, the reasons for implementation, key performance indicators and provide evidence of positive outcomes. It must also include evidence of the impact of the team on the wider objectives and overall performance of the business.   

Customer Engagement

This award recognises how you deliver exceptional levels of service to your customers and should include details of how you measure customer engagement – targets, performance against targets, KPIs, etc. Evidence can also include details of a multi channel approach eg: via digital, social, voice and web. 

People Engagement

This will be presented to a centre that puts its staff at the heart of the operation. The successful centre shows that front line people are the focus of the business. Entries should include details of: 

  • Special initiatives to promote employee engagement 

  • Health and wellbeing practices to support employees – including resilience and mental health initiatives 

  • Evidence should include KPIs on performance improvement through engagement, plus sickness, absence and retention rates.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

This award will recognise an organisation with innovative strategies, policies or programmes in place that are designed to promote diversity and inclusion. These may include programmes to support the external community (your customers) or internal community (your people) including: race and ethnic origin, vulnerable customers, neuro diverse staff, disability, health, social or economic disadvantage, as well as gender, religious beliefs, age, education, sexual orientation and/or other perceived differences.  


Contact Centre
of the Year

This category is for an outsourced contact centre with a highly successful business relationship with their client. To be successful in this category entrants must demonstrate a clear understanding of their client’s aims and objectives and provide evidence of:​

  • How they have developed an effective client relationship

  • How they've helped the client with the effective delivery of a range of services

  • How they've implemented two-way communication channels between the front line and client decision makers. 

​Contact Centre
of the Year

The award is attributed to an in-house contact centre that demonstrates best practice for its staff and customers. The judges will be focusing on:​

  • What makes you an employer of choice

  • Your successful recruitment model, including diversity and inclusion

  • Commitment to training and development

  • Providing a great working environment and/or remote working practices

  • How the centre delivers excellent customer service for all

  • The centre's successful impact on supporting the business/operation.