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Proud partner of CCNNI

We are delighted to partner with Elephants Don't Forget to support contact centres and combat challenges such as high employee attrition rates, complaint volumes, operational inefficiencies, and KPI performance including AHT, CSAT and FCR.


Who they are: Elephants Don’t Forget are world leaders in the utilisation of AI to drive sustainable employee and business performance improvements.

What they do: Financially guarantee employee competency at scale and in the flow of work, in less than 1 minute per day.

Agent knowledge improvements have translated into Echo exceeding their NPS target

“Clever Nelly’s greatest quantifiable impact for Echo Managed Services has been increasing knowledge and the subsequent effects as a result.


The NPS scores for the client and contact centre are increasing, fewer complaints are being sent back, we’re definitely noticing significant changes. Nelly is helping our people to remember their training, so they are doing everything in the right way. That’s huge for us, as it means there are fewer issues to address.


Another benefit has been agent empowerment. You can hear that they’re more confident on calls in what they are saying, rather than putting someone on hold or getting a colleague to call them back.”


Danielle Sheppard, Service improvement Manager

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Everyone in our industry needs Clever Nelly – Danske Bank

“We’re measured on a monthly basis for customer satisfaction, as pitched against other similar local banks, coming first at the end of last year across that peer group.


I have no doubt that Clever Nelly has played a role in how we’re performing. Our people on the ground are telling us that as well.


We would never have achieved the results we’ve seen with the previous system, it just wasn’t possible. Nelly really has been the most successful implementation. It’s incredibly reassuring to see that our colleagues are building their knowledge, which is reflected in their confidence and conversations with customers.”


Angela Rowan, Training and Coaching Manager

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Typical Outcomes For Contact Centres

Customer service teams utilising Clever Nelly see improvements in targeted business-critical metrics including:

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LV: bringing gaps in employee competency to the forefront

Learn how our award-winning AI has exceeded expectations at LV to support employee retention, reduce complaints and minimise rework.

Wave Utilities: real-time profiling of employee competency to support advisors

As Director of SME Customers, Lissa Balmer discusses how an AI solution like Clever Nelly helps people to succeed within their roles at Wave.

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