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In these challenging times it’s essential to keep teams focused, engaged and motivated as we adapt to changes on a daily basis.


To support this we have developed a remote training series to optimise development while homeworking.


Leadership Development

Programme New for 2021

What do all successful teams have in common? Effective leadership!


Team success is determined by its leadership. Leaders play a vital part in delivering an organisation’s strategy, standards and expectations.


Effective leadership has major impact on a team’s ability to deliver successfully and positively. But without without the right leadership in place, it’s hard for any team to achieve high performance, let alone be successful 


The Leadership Development Programme is a new online series designed to enable colleagues to drive performance, manage conflict and engage their teams. Across five core modules your leaders will learn practical techniques to develop key leadership and communication skills that will get them to the next level of management. The modules can be booked individually or as a complete set as required.

All modules are delivered via Zoom. The prices are per person, per module or set.


Modules 1, 2, 3 

Module 1:
Introduction to Leadership 

Overview of Leadership. Managing versus leading. Essential behaviours required for leaders. Leadership styles.

Part 1: 12 February | 14:00-17:30
Part 2: 19 February | 14:00-17:30

Module 2: 
Influencing Communication

What is Influence. Influence and Leadership. The Principles of Leadership. Using communication to

Negotiate with others.

Part 1: 26 February | 14:00-17:30
Part 2: 5 March | 14:00-17:30


Module 3: 
Coaching Skills

Why Coach? Essential coaching behaviours. Asking versus telling. Effective coaching questions. Structuring a coaching session. Providing feedback.


Part 1: 12 March | 14:00-17:30
Part 2: 19 March | 14:00-17:30

Part 3: 26 March | 09:00-13:00

£118+VAT per module (1,2,4,5)

£170+VAT per module 3
£599+VAT per set
(all modules)


Modules 4, 5 

Module 4:

Employee Engagement

Overview of Leadership. Managing versus leading. Essential behaviours required for leaders. Leadership styles.

Part 1: 09 April | 09:00-13:00
Part 2: 16 April | 09:00-13:00

Module 5: 
Conflict Management

What causes conflict? Your conflict handling style. Resolving conflict between yourself and others. When and how to use managerial mediation.

Part 1: 23 April | 09:00-13:00

Part 2: 30 April | 09:00-13:00

Programme Partner

The training is delivered in association with Nicky Courtney is a highly respected executive who has transformed business performance across a variety of sectors including energy, insurance, utilities and data.

£118+VAT per module (1,2,4,5)

£170+VAT per module 3
£599+VAT all 5 modules 


Membership is open to any contact centre, shared service centre or IT helpdesk based in Northern Ireland. Membership also available to associates and suppliers to the contact centre industry.

For more details view our membership packages.

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