Remote training to optimise your homeworking

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In these challenging times it’s essential to keep teams focused, engaged and motivated as we adapt to changes on a daily basis.


To support this we have developed a remote training series to optimise development while homeworking.

Remote Training To Enhance

Leadership & Influencing Skills

What Drives Us

6 July 2020 | 11:00-12:30

In 1975 Taibi Kahler PhD, a clinical psychologist carried out research into the various aspects of personality using ideas derived from Transactional Analysis (TA). He discovered what have become known as Behavioural Drivers.


These are automatic, repeatable and predictable behaviour patterns that can either be considered to be our core strength or weakness and likely to show up when we undergo stress or find ourselves in an anxious situation.

By identifying which drivers an individual exhibits most, it becomes possible to recognise and develop the potential of positive behaviours and respond constructively to the negative.

At the end of the session, delegates will recognise their drivers and how to:

• Accentuate their positive behaviours 

• Improve their effectiveness, communication and relationships

• Recognise other people’s drivers and how to work with them effectively

£75+VAT per person
1 x 90 minute session

Remote Training to Optimise Homeworking 

Coaching Remotely

New Date TBC

The ability to coach and provide feedback to others is a critical skill all managers need. But how do we coach effectively when we are managing our teams remotely?


This session will provide tips on how to have coaching conversations with your teams during this challenging time.


This 60-minute session is suitable for managers and coaches who already have basic coaching skills and experience and shows them how to adapt those skills remotely.


Topics include:

• 3 critical skills a coach needs

• Building your question bank

• Providing feedback

• Preparing for your coaching session

£49+VAT per person

1 x 60 minute session 

Remote Training to Optimise Homeworking

Maintaining Engagement

New Date TBC

Companies across the globe spend billions on employee engagement interventions, for good reason. A highly engaged workforce is more productive, innovative and loyal.

However, year after year the CBI Employment Trends Survey finds that effective line management is the biggest driver of employee engagement. The current pandemic provides a number of challenges for organisations, including how do they keep their staff engaged.


This 60-minute session provides tips on how to maintain engagement in a remote setting, including:  

• Understanding what’s important

• The six human needs

• Communicating purpose

• Providing employees with a voice

• Making employees feel valued

£49+VAT per person

1 x 60 minute session  


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