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Prepare Your Contact Centre for Hybrid Work

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How do you keep customer experience consistent across a distributed workforce? Contact centres are a critical foundation for driving customer experience and revenue in the enterprise, says CX expert Patty Yan.

Patty Yan – EMEA Product Marketing Lead

RingCentral Cloud Contact Centre

Published: 14 April 2021

The majority of businesses are shifting to hybrid work, and most employees expect their organisations to return to work in a less office-dependent way. 91% of organisations are now in favour of remote work models, according to Nemertes’ Visual Communications and Collaboration 2020-21.

To prepare for hybrid work, you’ll need to facilitate a consistent employee and customer experience whether in-office or remote. Technology, in particular, has played a big part in helping companies and employees transition to a new model of working, with tools and software enabling effective communication and collaboration across a distributed workforce.


Investing in technology to ensure WFH agents are adequately equipped

While most organisations had upgrades such as cloud telephony on their roadmaps, some 90% of global organisations were using an on-premises solution for their contact centres when the pandemic began, according to Gartner. That commitment left them ill-equipped to manage the sudden scaling of digitisation and remote work. 

Cloud contact centre solutions have proven their worth during the pandemic, as they are able to:

  • Scale instantly and enable organisations to work from anywhere, accessing a broader talent base

  • Empower employees to deliver the best possible service to customers whilst keeping costs down

Happy employees and happy customers

On top of the obvious cost savings, if you can combine unified communications and contact centre as a service, it helps organisations integrate customer service with the back-office, improving the flow of communication along with the delivery of customer service.

Even better if one vendor can offer both: not only can it help keep costs low and simplify operations, but most importantly it will help businesses to improve communications inside and outside their organisations, making agents more efficient. If you haven’t already done this in your business, you could be missing a trick. 

Explore the clear connection between engaged employees and happy customers. You’ll see how you can invest in technology to prepare your contact centre for success in the new marketplace.


How to simplify customer journeys

The use of digital channels for customer service is becoming more widespread and offers many advantages: time-saving, alignment with customer habits, and access to the history of interactions. 

Read this guide to discover how the strategy of call deflection improves the agent and customer experience together. 

Discover how you can effectively navigate these changes and find out how RingCentral’s agile cloud platform allows businesses to easily add features, such as digital channels, by acting smarter and responding faster to consumer expectations and giving consumers the choice on how to engage with them.

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