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Enter by 2nd August!

Entries are free and open to any call/contact centre, shared service centre and IT/customer service helpdesk based within Northern Ireland. Organisations can enter as many categories as they like – but only 3 nominations per category. Please read Terms & Conditions below.

How to enter

Step 1


All entries must be accompanied by an entry form. Download copies here:


Step 2


Read the categories and criteria carefully to decide which categories are appropriate and what the judges are looking for.


Step 3


3.1 Individual Entries Must Be

  • Nominated by a manager

  • Written in the third person

  • Approved by the person nominated

Maximum length of Individual Entries

Entries for Newcomer, Support Person, Customer Advisor, Sales Agent, Trainer and Team Leader should be no more than 3 sides of A4 written in Times 12-point plus 2 additional sides of A4 attachments (slides/photos/evidence).

Entries for Support Manager and Contact Centre Manager should be no more than 5 sides of A4 written in Times 12-point plus 3 additional sides of A4 attachments (slides/photos/evidence).

What to include

  • Describe the individual’s role and responsibilities within the organisation.

  • Demonstrate why the individual is exceptional and deserves recognition. 

  • Outline the individual’s performance or targets from 2018 up to July 2019 and their achievements to date against them

  • Define any activities, projects or initiatives that the individual has undertaken, taken part in or instigated – which has enhanced performance or standards.

  • Indicate what impact this has had on teams/departments or the organisation and provide evidence of achievement.

3.2 Company Entries Must Be

  • Written by the team or company

  • Endorsed by a line manager

Maximum Length of Team Entries

All Team Category entries should be no more than 5 sides of A4 written in Times 
12-point typeface – plus up to 4 additional sides of A4 attachments (slides/photos/evidence) can also be submitted as part of the entry (9 pages in total).

Initiatives submitted must have been carried out from 2018 up to July 2019.

What to include

   • Describe the background to your project (why it was developed/objectives)

   • Include any relevant details of how it was created or implemented/challenges 
      facing your department or organisation/changes you wanted to achieve

   • Provide evidence of success – showing results against targets & objectives

   • Evaluate impact on behaviour and performance

Step 4



Once completed you should save the file(s) as a Word document or PDF and name the file as follows:
  •  Individual Categories:               Category, Company name, Persons name 
  •  Company Categories:               Category, Company Name 

Step 5


  •  Send your completed nomination and entry form to:  info@ccnni.com 

  •  Within the email subject box please include Category Name (plus Individual

      Name or Team Name being nominated)

  •  Please send one application per email

Read the Terms & Conditions
of Entry Below 
Terms & Conditions

By entering the competition you are deemed to have agreed to our Terms & Conditions.

  1. The awards are free to enter and open to any contact centre, shared service centre, IT Helpdesk or customer service desk based in Northern Ireland.

  2. Any initiatives / entries submitted must have been carried out by an individual or team within a contact centre based in NI from 2018 to July 2019.

  3. Only three entries allowed per category – but as many categories as required.

  4. Nominations will be judged on the information provided in your written entry so please make sure you provide as much detail and evidence as possible as relevant to the criteria.

  5. Organisations are responsible for entering their organisation into the correct categories and providing the correct details.

  6. CCNNI cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or cost of submissions.

  7. Any information provided will be treated in confidence and not disclosed to anyone other than the judges.

  8. The judges’ decision is final. Judges may not be contacted by entrants in any way or means during the competition. Any attempt to do so may result in your nomination being rejected.

  9. Deadline for entries is Friday 2nd August 2019.

  10. 1st Phase Judging: Written entries received will be read by an independent group of industry experts, who will compile a shortlist of Finalists.

  11. 2nd Phase Judging: Shortlisted entries will be read by another independent group of industry experts, who will compile the winners. 

  12. There are no free places, finalists will be expected to purchase a ticket to attend the ceremony.

  13. If a winner is unable to attend the awards ceremony, the prize will be forwarded by post to the address on the application form.

  14. There will be no cash prizes and no alternatives to the prize given to award winners.

  15. Winners and highly commended must be willing to take part in any publicity or promotional activity requested by the award organisers.

  16. The winning entries may be published on the website of the CCNNI (permission will be sought)

  17. Terms & Conditions of booking seats.
    Please note that cancellation fees are applicable on all ticket / table bookings:
    Within 90 days of the event = 75% of total. 
    Within 60 days of the event = 100% of total.

If you have any further queries regarding entries, sponsorship or table bookings please contact us directly

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